Simple but effective home gym systems

Most home gyms brag about the number of exercise they offer, and the numbers are so high it’s hard to tell if you’ll actually be able to do that many, or for that matter if the number includes several exercises that vary only slightly from each other. Single arm bicep curls, double arm bicep curls and reverse options for both…it wouldn’t sound like a lot of variation if they put it that way.

A good way to tell if a home gym is really going to allow you to do those 50 to 100 exercises is if it has pulley stations. Pulley stations attach by cable to the resistance method and originate from the bottom, middle or top of the machine. Better gyms will have a pulley station with adjustable height for even more versatility. All you have to do is attach different handles, bars or straps to the pulley so you can use it for different exercises.

A few cable attachments