Great legs aren’t just for the genetically blessed

Legs have been called everything from gams and getaway sticks to pins and stems, and that list only includes the nice terms. People with the unfortunate luck to have larger than average legs and thighs get their lower body parts referred to as thunder thighs and saddle bags, or even cankles (when there is no visual slimming of the ankle between the calf and the foot).

It seems whether they love the way theirs look or not so much, every woman has a bit of an obsession with legs. It’s probably because most of us have a genetic tendency to store extra fat in that area, along with the butt.

Know what you’re targeting

To really work the lower body for an evenly toned appearance and strong functional muscles, you have to target each major muscle group during your strength training program. Some moves, called compound exercises, will allow you to work several muscle groups at once. Isolation moves are best if you want to focus on one muscle group at a time.

Lower legs