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Finding the Right Cycle

March 18th, 2009

When it comes to cycling, there are those outdoors diehards who relish the feeling of wind (or rain) in their hair as they dodge potholes and pets and struggle up hills before coasting down the other side.

Then there are the cyclists who don't even own a bicycle and rarely if ever ride one surrounded by nature. The only breeze they feel is from an industrial fan, and any hills or obstacles are all in their heads. As strange as it sounds there are many diehards in this "group cycle" group too.

I'm choosing to sit on the fence for this one for one good reason. I really enjoy both. You might not have heard me saying that four months ago though, because there was a time when I thought indoor cycling was boring and uncomfortable. And since you can burn way more calories on a treadmill or cross trainer, I thought why waste good workout time.

Or that's what I thought before I discovered group cycling, or spinning as it's sometimes known, and fell in love with indoor cycling. To start with the bikes are different than those hefty plastic monsters found sandwiched between stair steppers and ellipticals in the cardio section.

Group cycling bikes are sleek and slim-framed, with smooth resistance and enough adjustments to fit almost any body size. Seats go up and down, back and forward, as do the handlebars. The only complaint I had in the beginning (and it's a frequent complaint from newbies like myself) was the pain in my butt and it was gone after just a few classes.

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