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Can You Really Get a Flat Belly with Diet Alone?

April 7th, 2009

I’ve been getting a lot of emails recently from a certain healthy lifestyle magazine, promising me something I don’t know whether or not to believe. Before I explain, it should be noted that I am leaning slightly more towards disbelief at this point.

Prevention magazine have come up with the “Flat Belly Diet”, on which you can lose up to 15 pounds in a month and flatten out the worst of all trouble spots - your tummy.

Sounds amazing doesn’t it? It seemingly answers the prayers of workout-resistant women everywhere who just want a toned midsection, no sweat involved. But does the headline tell the whole story. Can anyone really achieve a flat stomach without so much as one crunch, plank or twist?

Don’t get me wrong, Prevention offers some solid advice, such as the fact that quality food is better than quantity. Whole grains, healthy fats (known to Flat Belly Dieters as MUFAs which stands for monounsaturated fatty acids) legumes and vegetables are encouraged, while premade meals and junk food aren’t. Sounds good so far. They also suggest dieters to eat every four hours, which is a great way to stay satisfied and avoid starvation-induced cravings. It doesn’t seem at all unreasonable that eating like this really could raise your metabolism. However, the jury is still out on whether this could help someone lose fat from a specific part of his or her body.

The problem I have with the diet actually has nothing to do with food. It’s the fact that the headline of the email I get several times a month practically screams that all this is possible with “No Exercise Required”. Is it just me or does that suggest you can be just as healthy without ever challenging your cardiovascular system or strengthening a single muscle. Obviously that’s not what they mean, but why do they feel they need to use that kind of hype to sell the diet?

Sure you can lose weight if you follow this diet. Like every other diet on the market it involves restricting calories. But there are other things to consider. Building muscle and maintaining what you already have for instance. What do you guys think of the Flat Belly Diet? Would you consider buying the book?

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