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Pole Dancing Out – Pole Walking In

There's no denying that the acrobatics exhibited in pole dancing or strippercise classes will get you a toned, sexy body. But what about those women who don't possess the exhibitionist gene? Well they'll just have to exercise with a different sort of pole, or rather set of poles.

These poles are similar to the ones used for cross country skiing and the activity that's becoming more popular everyday is called pole walking, Nordic walking or any variety of other names used by companies selling their own brand of ergonomic walking sticks.

The premise is simple and effective. Using your upper body while walking engages more muscles and burns more calories, while not making you feel like you're working harder. The numbers being touted are 20 to almost 50 percent more calories burned while walking with poles. Pole walking is also said to be good for posture and balance, as well as being easy on joints. Basically it's beneficial for men and women of all ages and abilities.

Since most of the time I'm not that crazy about cardio I like the idea of doing more work and not feeling it. I also like that It would allow me to work my upper body aerobically without using a rowing machine (which I don't have access to) or gripping the moving handlebars on a cross trainer (which I find uncomfortable).

A coworker of mine just earned her Urban Polling certification (I neglected to mention there is a specific technique you have to use getting the most benefit) and will be leading classes so I'll check one out and let everyone know what I think. Anyone else hopped on the Nordic walking bandwagon yet?

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