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Six (+ One) Reasons Bruce Lee > Chuck Norris

March 4th, 2014

A lot of the internets seems to love Chuck Norris. Everybody's got their opinion, but Chuck has never done much to boost my interest in karate. For my money, there's one great martial arts star in cinema, Bruce Lee, the original. Even Chuck Norris would have to admit that he is nothing without Bruce Lee.

Here are five reasons why Bruce Lee is great. I personally go in for philosophy. If you don't have a philosophy behind what you do, you're missing a foundation. Anyway, Bruce speaks for himself.

On the desire for an easy life


On failing to reach lofty goals



On listening to other people's opinion of you



On internal power, both figural and literal



On a true understanding of defeat

So what did Chuck Norris ever say? From anything I've ever heard.... not much.

Bruce Lee >>> Chuck Norris
Oh, and the one last reason Bruce Lee is greater than Chuck Norris is pretty obvious to most fans. The only time Bruce Lee ever fought Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee killed Chuck Norris.  Watch it for yourself.

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