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High Intensity Interval Training – An Effective Workout Scheme!

April 26th, 2014

Goran Bogunovich's fitness career started some fifteen years ago and it was love at first workout. Since then he has been learning and testing knowledge on himself. His substantial experience in fitness, strength training, nutrition and supplementation is passed on in posts here at fitwithus.com.

A couple of months ago, I decided to get myself into shape after a period of traditional winter gluttony. After a lengthy consultation with my fellow blogger Cam McAlister, I decided to try out so called "high intensity interval training" (HIIT). Let me say this straight away: a) it really did work and b) there's no such thing as a perfect workout routine - high intensity interval training (HIIT) has its ups and downs. Nonetheless, it did work better than I expected it to.



What is High Intensity Interval Training?

HIIT basically describes any kind of workout that alternates between intense workout explosions and fixed periods of less intense activity. Even a complete rest would do during the intervals, but from my experience I wouldn't recommend fully resting between intense intervals, simply because it's easier to maintain the continuity of motion than having to jump-start yourself every few minutes. Here's an example: An ideal starter workout would be running as fast as you can in a minute, then decreasing your running speed or walk it down for the next two minutes. Reiterate that whole 3-minute interval another four times with a collective time of 15 minutes - and I'm telling you it's a fat bombing workout. On the surface, it might sound too simple and yes, it is effective, but science simply does not tell the whole truth. (That's why I'm encouraging you to continue reading for my personal takes, going by experience.)

The Bright Side

If you  believe time equals money, then high intensity interval training workouts have major advantages over the lengthy and seemingly-interminable sessions of workout routines at the gym. HIIT really helps you maximize the time you save on a daily basis simply by keeping every workout rather short.

HIIT workouts also powerfully boost your metabolism. The wonderful thing about building muscle mass with normal weight training routines is that muscles continue to burn down those fats even during your resting phase. HIIT raises your metabolism to a much higher plateau, along with the revving of your heart rate. Calories burn faster in a much longer time frame, once you conclude your workout for the day.

The Not So Bright Side

HIIT is intense. As a matter of fact, most people are not able to cope with the strain and strenuousness. For that reason, a lot of people actually quit while the others barely make it, determined to walk the tight rope. You shouldn't really worry much about that, though.  Just think of the fact that it's really a no-leisure kind of workout, that it can really be taxing, two of the biggest reasons why it really works so well.

More On the Bright Side

Aside from its efficiency in stabilizing and boosting your metabolism, as well as how it keeps the heart healthy, HIIT will surely reward you with quick results, just as it did for me. Due to the nature of this kind of workout, I was able to notice strong positive results quickly, paired with better stamina, calorie burn, and a raised level of energy. HIIT is a win on so many levels. The momentary tiredness has no comparison to the revitalized feeling it gives you in the long term.

dieting and fitness, working out, workout routines

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