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What’s Your Fitness Calling?

June 24th, 2014

Fitness of any kind is a great discipline for your body.

Stay fit in a way you enjoy

Whatever you do, whether it’s running, working out, martial arts, etc., regularly disciplining yourself to get out and get active is richly rewarding. Choosing a fitness discipline can be a key aspect of making fitness work for you and setting yourself up for long term commitment and success. Obviously, picking a sport you love to regularly participate in is a great way of committing yourself.

Think about all the things you really love to do then find how to make that what I will call your “fitness calling.” Personally, for example, I love nature, and walking with my wife and my dog through the woods and pathways near my home in Kitchener, Ontario is one way that I keep active and stay healthy.

When I’ve tried to just do what everyone else was doing – i.e. jogging – I could never get over the fact that I hated it, that I didn’t seem built right for it and there was absolutely no joy in it for me. Of course, I go to the gym, which is a bit boring I guess, but I push myself every time I go to the gym and I love the exercise bike and visualising in my mind riding down back country roads or biking through woods. Some might argue with me, but I think you need to pick a fitness discipline that you’re truly passionate about. That’s one way of thinking of the phrase a “fitness calling.”

Follow_Your_Bliss_Quote-300x277Make money following  your fitness calling

Aside from choosing a fitness discipline, you can also channel your passion into a career. Within the fitness industry, there are thousands of career tracks you could take. Personally, I believe in the old idea of “calling” or vocation, something that you feel personally compelled to do and be. I know that my own personal calling is to write and publish and my role as publisher of this site is a perfect fit with that.

Other people obviously feel compelled to be a personal trainer, perhaps following a calling related to teaching or helping others. Other examples of people I see following their calling are people in physiotherapy or people who teach or coach. Not all are so traditional, though.

It’s great to love fitness but what is your calling in the world of fitness?

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