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Martial arts and fitness

June 18th, 2012 No comments

It’s been a lo-o-o-ong time since there were any blog posts on this site. And honestly, it’s been about as long since I’ve seen the inside of a gym… let alone, stepped onto a treadmill or sat down at a machine of any other kind. My only regular exercise has been a daily walk with my dog. Walking is decent exercise, certainly but it is not enough to stay really fit as would be obvious to anyone who saw me at the beach.

So I’ve decided to pursue an interest in the martial arts and I’ll be joining a local club.

Why martial arts?

Martial arts is not only ideal for fitness but there are at least two other things I love about this idea:

The social aspect: fitness clubs often perpetuate the solitude of contemporary life. As it is, I work at home alone and I need a social outlet. However, I know that going to a fitness club is not going to meet the bill. People in clubs are generally tuned out on their iPods and if you talk to them you’re interrupting them. One of the reasons I found it easy to quit my gym membership was the fact that it had no benefits socially. I look forward to that being different if I get into a martial arts class.

Spiritual discipline. I’m a lapsed Catholic and one of the reasons for lapsing is that I studied Buddhism at several points in university. This is a much more logical philosophy than anything you’ll ever learn in catechism class. However, I never really pursued any of the mental disciplines other than very brief, sporadic forays into meditation. I look forward to learning more about Sil Lim Tao, Chum Kil and Biu Tze, as the local martial arts club promises on its website.

And of course, a third benefit is that I might actually learn some self-defence. Since I am generally averse to violence I don’t know the first thing about defending myself in a fight or against a mugging. You just never know when such knowledge might come in handy and it's gotta be a good thing to at least know some intimidating stances.

Health benefits and insurance
Aside from getting in shape, I wonder if my insurance company has any breaks for people into fitness. While this seems like a longshot, there are companies who have rewarded people with a lower BMI. I doubt that my company will offer any such breaks, though.

In any case, I’m looking forward to improving my fitness and health. It might even help
revive this blog with more new posts. Like this one.