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Body Transformation Challenges – Why Do They Work

October 28th, 2014 No comments

Everybody wants to look great and be in good shape but not everyone succeeds in making that wish come true. What is it that makes people not believe in complete transformation of their bodies? Why give up before you even start? How do you achieve your goals in a short period of time?

Stop feeling sorry for yourself when looking into the mirror. You might notice deposited fat on your stomach, thighs and buttocks, but do not despair. You can burn fat almost as easily as you get it, with a little bit of work, discipline and sacrifice.

Find a perfect training program and stick to it

You can start even today by finding a trainer, who will be your advisor, instigator and, most importantly, your companion and a friend on this journey. When you get a training program which is best for your current shape and condition level, try to follow it as conscientiously as you can. Don’t try to exhaust yourself, but do not shirk either.

Believe in your goal

Take a photo of yourself when you begin with your training and put it on your wall. Then, try to imagine how you want to look and bury in mind that picture as your final goal. After every month of your training you can take a new photo in order to compare your results. You will be proud of yourself using these photos of your progress as a trigger for constant motivation.


Start slowly and keep track of your trainings

Buy an ordinary notebook where you will be catching notes of what you’ve been eating, drinking, what exercises and how many repetitions you did that day, and what supplement you have used. A systematic approach to your workout will help you draw some conclusions. Also, you will be able to plan your following exercises and meals and become really responsible and careful with your diet.

Make friends with people who support you

You will change your habits by changing your lifestyle. This means that you may consider changing your environment. True friends will always support your efforts to change. Ignore those who would make fun of your desire to change something in your life. Such people are not worthy of your attention, and it is better if you avoid them. You will make new friends, people who are optimistic, who might have been in a similar situation like you, and who will share with you their results.

Raise your expectations

You’ll be more and more confident as you achieve goals which you have put in front of you. Never stop. Always look for a new challenge. Raise your expectations with each good result and you will see that everything is possible. Maybe you didn’t lose a lot of weight, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you didn’t burned fat, which is much more important.

Healthy mind in a healthy body

Remember that a healthy diet and a good training program will affect you to think clearer, and become positive and enthusiastic, a person who your family and friends will love more than ever.

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