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9 Reasons To Ditch Gym And Work Out At Home

September 8th, 2015

Going to the gym may have its perks, but the downsides can sometimes be too overwhelming that it seems wiser to do your workouts in the comfort of your own personal space. Travelling, membership fees, noise, busy-ness, hygiene, there are practically countless factors which can dissuade anyone from going back to a crowded place to do exercise. Let’s delve a little deeper to see what makes your home a more suitable place for working out.

The weather

No matter what season it is, you won’t have to trudge through the cold winter and warm summer air if you decide to create a gym at your home. With some air conditioning and proper ventilation, you can set perfect conditions for exercise in peace. Everything you need and are used to, is a couple of feet away.

home-workoutNo Gym Schedules

You can dictate your own pace. It’s understandable that members of a gym are the ones who have to be flexible, because a gym usually can't meet every individual temporal demand. They make their own workout timetables, regardless of your (un)available time, so if you want to avoid this kind of pressure, it’s best when the scheduling is entirely up to you.

You Don’t Have To Dress For The Occasion

It may be a bit superficial, but people tend to prim themselves up before going to the gym, because almost no one wants to be seen in their trashy, careless edition. This can be tedious, counter-productive  and time-consuming; at home, you won’t have to brush your hair, choose between polka dots or striped sports bra, worry about previous sweat marks, etc.


Yes, every professional fitness business must have showers, but during working out, germs can get everywhere, especially when a sweaty guy finishes his routine on a machine and doesn’t wipe down his bodily left-overs. At least at your home, the germs are your own.

Timely Diet

Imagine you had an intense workout and now you’re so hungry, you’d kill for a meal. It can take some people hours to finally reach their fridge in order to recharge their batteries and recover their energy with good food. Home gyms, however, are just a couple of steps away from the kitchen.

The Noises

Ah, yes, people tend to make all sorts of sounds, grunts and other noises during their exercise, especially the bodybuilders who love to bolster themselves up with a couple of roars. This can be quite distracting, pretty obvious why. To avoid that gym orchestra, stay at home and make your own gym music.

Everything Is Up To You

You can just roll out of bed and start working out immediately. Or if you’re not in the mood at the moment, you can always move your session to later. The point is, everything depends on your will and pace. The most important thing is to buy yourself some proper commercial fitness equipment, or find ways to improvise by exercising with your own body weight and using your surroundings.

Workout Buddies

You can exercise with your friends, family, maybe even hire a personal trainer to come to your home so you can exercise and socialize more freely in a relaxed atmosphere. At the gym, things are usually either too professional, too distracting and sometimes even too vain.

When You’re Done, You Can Catch Your Breath At Your Leisure

No matter how much you’ve worked out, nothing can stop you from sprawling out on the floor when you finish giving your all. It’s your success, so enjoy yourself while gasping for air after the rough ride. You shouldn’t be ashamed of yourself when your body has forced you on the ground, in spite of current glorious achievements.

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