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9 Reasons To Ditch Gym And Work Out At Home

September 8th, 2015 No comments

Going to the gym may have its perks, but the downsides can sometimes be too overwhelming that it seems wiser to do your workouts in the comfort of your own personal space. Travelling, membership fees, noise, busy-ness, hygiene, there are practically countless factors which can dissuade anyone from going back to a crowded place to do exercise. Let’s delve a little deeper to see what makes your home a more suitable place for working out.

The weather

No matter what season it is, you won’t have to trudge through the cold winter and warm summer air if you decide to create a gym at your home. With some air conditioning and proper ventilation, you can set perfect conditions for exercise in peace. Everything you need and are used to, is a couple of feet away.

home-workoutNo Gym Schedules

You can dictate your own pace. It’s understandable that members of a gym are the ones who have to be flexible, because a gym usually can't meet every individual temporal demand. They make their own workout timetables, regardless of your (un)available time, so if you want to avoid this kind of pressure, it’s best when the scheduling is entirely up to you.

You Don’t Have To Dress For The Occasion

It may be a bit superficial, but people tend to prim themselves up before going to the gym, because almost no one wants to be seen in their trashy, careless edition. This can be tedious, counter-productive  and time-consuming; at home, you won’t have to brush your hair, choose between polka dots or striped sports bra, worry about previous sweat marks, etc.


Yes, every professional fitness business must have showers, but during working out, germs can get everywhere, especially when a sweaty guy finishes his routine on a machine and doesn’t wipe down his bodily left-overs. At least at your home, the germs are your own.

Timely Diet

Imagine you had an intense workout and now you’re so hungry, you’d kill for a meal. It can take some people hours to finally reach their fridge in order to recharge their batteries and recover their energy with good food. Home gyms, however, are just a couple of steps away from the kitchen.

The Noises

Ah, yes, people tend to make all sorts of sounds, grunts and other noises during their exercise, especially the bodybuilders who love to bolster themselves up with a couple of roars. This can be quite distracting, pretty obvious why. To avoid that gym orchestra, stay at home and make your own gym music.

Everything Is Up To You

You can just roll out of bed and start working out immediately. Or if you’re not in the mood at the moment, you can always move your session to later. The point is, everything depends on your will and pace. The most important thing is to buy yourself some proper commercial fitness equipment, or find ways to improvise by exercising with your own body weight and using your surroundings.

Workout Buddies

You can exercise with your friends, family, maybe even hire a personal trainer to come to your home so you can exercise and socialize more freely in a relaxed atmosphere. At the gym, things are usually either too professional, too distracting and sometimes even too vain.

When You’re Done, You Can Catch Your Breath At Your Leisure

No matter how much you’ve worked out, nothing can stop you from sprawling out on the floor when you finish giving your all. It’s your success, so enjoy yourself while gasping for air after the rough ride. You shouldn’t be ashamed of yourself when your body has forced you on the ground, in spite of current glorious achievements.

What to Expect when You’re Starting with Personal Training

July 13th, 2015 No comments

Deciding that you need to start working out is the first step -- a big one -- in a long process that is ahead of you; congratulations on making this important decision. What lies before you is a difficult journey full of obstacles, and travelling will not be easy; this is why you should seek help from someone who has already been there and will understand exactly what you will be going through. Look for a person you could rely on and be comfortable with to guide you through the workout – a personal trainer.

Personal trainer really knows you

When we say ‘knows you’, we really mean it. In order to come up with a good workout and nutrition plans, personal trainer needs to know your eating, drinking, and workout habits, and you need to be open about your past and your health as well. You will open up to this person and show them everything you’ve been hiding from the rest of the world, maybe even your partner: love handles, thighs that rub against each other, all those soft and wiggly parts you are ashamed of and want gone forever.

Maximized workout

When you’re working alone, you will do exercises you know best and stick to them, perhaps experimenting just a bit here and there. Sure, you can follow a workout plan you’ve found online or got from a friend, but with a personal trainer you will get a plan designed especially for you and a professional by your side who will make sure you don’t hurt yourself in the process.

The relationship can escalate

Once you step on that scale before your personal trainer, you hand them the steering wheel and allow them to take control. They will know your most intimate dreams and all of your little vices you thought about keeping to yourself. All this leads to developing a special relationship where the two of your should be brutally honest with each other and develop a close relationship, which can lead to developing feelings for your personal trainer, says Brigid Delaney. Nevertheless, it is difficult not to develop any feelings for this person who is there for you, while you’re sweating and working hard to achieve your goals.

Designed for you

One of the best things about a personal trainer is that he or she will adjust to you, and work hard to get you in shape while respecting you and your time. Some gyms like Symmetry Gym Dubai go as far as to get your injury history, coachability, diet experience, psychological profile, and food habits as a starting point to design your fitness and nutrition plans; the personal trainer is there to help you stick to those plans and turn them into action. This way, you get a program designed for you alone which will surely give the best possible results.

Your relationship with your personal trainer should be open, you should be able to trust each other and communicate freely and honestly. When someone is there for you in the most difficult times, it is only natural that you develop a relationship based on mutual respect and trust. It is likely that you two will become good friends and that your bonds will grow ever stronger.

How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

December 28th, 2014 No comments

It’s that time of the year again – time to be jolly, spend some quality time with your family, friends and loved ones, perhaps travel somewhere nice and indulge yourself with various treats for all the senses. Still, Christmastime is also a season infamous for unwarranted weight gain: with the winter chill and the elements raging outside, holiday feasts rich in heavy foods and the overall tendency to be lazier, sleepier and less mobile than usual, your waistline and figure at the end of Christmas break may end up slightly more on the generous side than you originally expected. Don’t worry, there are some simple ways to avoid weight gain during winter holidays, and if you stick to these straightforward recommendations, your body will keep its slender form all through to spring and summer.

Stay hydrated: Lots of H2O is a must in winter, too

Drinking enough water is important, and we all know that well. Still, our thirst doesn’t appear to be as pressing in the wintertime as it does in the summer season, but that’s no excuse to cut down on your gulps over the Christmas holidays. If you manage to get down at least 8-10 glasses of water or mild tea, you will get all the liquid your body needs to keep functioning seamlessly; your metabolism will remain as active as usual despite the consumption of somewhat heavier foods. Sufficient H2O intake will keep the exchange of matter in your cells from slowing down and it will also reduce your sense of hunger (which tends to get misleading in wintertime with all that starchy food lying around), thus preventing unwanted weight gain and deterring a range of other negative effects on your skin, nails, hair and internal organs.

christmas-fitnessGet a move on: Don’t let the cold stop you

Though couch-potatoing all through the winter holidays may sound appealing to overworked folks, it is definitely not recommended if you want to keep fit and slim, come early spring. The fact that it’s bitter cold outside isn’t a good enough excuse to laze and mope around for days on end: the genuine definition of decent holiday rest also involves moderate recreation and movement. There are various indoor sports you can engage in over winter to keep your body active and agile even if you’re not a fan of snow sports. Sign up for the gym, go bowling, organize a basketball or football match in the local high school gymnasium or take some yoga and Pilates classes – there’re lots of options for indoor fun and games, so don’t even think about offering questionable excuses to justify your holiday fat.

A bit of apothecary magic: Weight regulating supplements

Even with proper care and sufficient activity, you may gain a bit of weight around the figure’s edges due to overly starchy diet during winter holidays. Still, there’s a safe and easy way to remedy slight-to-moderate weight gain: with some tried and tested protein powders, your body will be able to use up all the nutrients optimally and turn extra nourishment into muscles instead of that mean fat and beastly cellulite. Even if you’re not an avid athlete, protein shakes and smoothies are good for the body if used in moderation, so perhaps it’s the right time to whip out some powders to combat all that starch, carbs and fat laying around the Christmas table.

Enjoy your holiday and treat yourself to some soulful delight this winter, but don’t give in to the line of least resistance: spring and summer will be here before you know it, and shredding that Christmas fat before the beachside season will be a much more difficult task than preventing it now. Drink lots of water, stay active, try some weight regulating supplements and be moderate with your diet – that’s pretty much all it takes to avoid turning into a slab of fat in just two or three weeks (needless to say, your body will be eternally grateful to you for it).

Body Transformation Challenges – Why Do They Work

October 28th, 2014 No comments

Everybody wants to look great and be in good shape but not everyone succeeds in making that wish come true. What is it that makes people not believe in complete transformation of their bodies? Why give up before you even start? How do you achieve your goals in a short period of time?

Stop feeling sorry for yourself when looking into the mirror. You might notice deposited fat on your stomach, thighs and buttocks, but do not despair. You can burn fat almost as easily as you get it, with a little bit of work, discipline and sacrifice.

Find a perfect training program and stick to it

You can start even today by finding a trainer, who will be your advisor, instigator and, most importantly, your companion and a friend on this journey. When you get a training program which is best for your current shape and condition level, try to follow it as conscientiously as you can. Don’t try to exhaust yourself, but do not shirk either.

Believe in your goal

Take a photo of yourself when you begin with your training and put it on your wall. Then, try to imagine how you want to look and bury in mind that picture as your final goal. After every month of your training you can take a new photo in order to compare your results. You will be proud of yourself using these photos of your progress as a trigger for constant motivation.


Start slowly and keep track of your trainings

Buy an ordinary notebook where you will be catching notes of what you’ve been eating, drinking, what exercises and how many repetitions you did that day, and what supplement you have used. A systematic approach to your workout will help you draw some conclusions. Also, you will be able to plan your following exercises and meals and become really responsible and careful with your diet.

Make friends with people who support you

You will change your habits by changing your lifestyle. This means that you may consider changing your environment. True friends will always support your efforts to change. Ignore those who would make fun of your desire to change something in your life. Such people are not worthy of your attention, and it is better if you avoid them. You will make new friends, people who are optimistic, who might have been in a similar situation like you, and who will share with you their results.

Raise your expectations

You’ll be more and more confident as you achieve goals which you have put in front of you. Never stop. Always look for a new challenge. Raise your expectations with each good result and you will see that everything is possible. Maybe you didn’t lose a lot of weight, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you didn’t burned fat, which is much more important.

Healthy mind in a healthy body

Remember that a healthy diet and a good training program will affect you to think clearer, and become positive and enthusiastic, a person who your family and friends will love more than ever.

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Sure-fire Ways to Ruin Your Metabolism

May 13th, 2014 No comments

Aren’t you tired of all those articles telling you all about the ways to speed up your metabolism, all the wondrous, easy ways to burn fats more effectively and to get fit in record time? Well, if you are, then you have come to the right place. We give you some of the quickest and surest ways to ruin your metabolism. You decide what you want to do with it.

Drink a lot of alcohol

Drinking alcohol in amounts that are larger than anything but a drink or two a day will definitely have a negative effect on your metabolism. For one thing, alcohol is packed with sugars and other substances that have a negative effect on your body. In addition to this, drinking alcohol can alter the chemical balance in the brain and lead to negative effects on the metabolism. Finally, if you keep on drinking too much, your liver will become compromised; your liver is the crucial part of your metabolism.

Avoid getting enough sleep

Sleep is crucial for leading a healthy lifestyle and without enough sleep; your body is in total disarray. Sleeping patterns have a healthy and regulating effect on various hormones that govern your appetite and your eating habits. These are ghrelin, leptin and cortisol..

Skip meals

Skipping meals is one of the worst things you can do to your metabolism, especially if you do this regularly. First of all, skipping meals will actually tell your body to start conserving energy which will directly slow down your metabolism. In addition, this usually leads to overeating during your next meal and you can guess how negative this will be for your metabolism. Excuses like "I don't have time to plan my meals" or "I have to choose between eating junk or not eating at all" will surely take you down the messed-up-metabolism lane. Personally, I rarely leave home without a protein bar and I don't even have to go to the store to buy them - I just order online from these guys and get them delivered to my doorstep.

Stay stressed

There are a few reasons why stress is bad for your metabolism. For one, people who get stressed and stay stressed are more likely to try and mitigate their stress and anxiety with eating -- and eating junk food, at that. Furthermore, stress can lead to a fight or flight response, which elevates levels of cortisol, which has further negative effect on the metabolism.

Eat a lot of processed food

Processed food is extremely bad for your metabolism, simply because it often contains a lot of sugar. Sugar actually interferes with lipase, a hormone which is essential in burning down of fats in the human body. Additives, salt and other similar substances found in processed foods also have a negative effect on levels of hormones that control the burning of fats.

Gorge yourself on dairy

Consuming too much dairy products and drinking too much milk has a number of negative effects on the human body, with benefits that are quite limited; this includes the negative effects to the metabolism. Full-fat dairy products are especially difficult to digest; too much dairy can lead to a chronic slowing of your metabolism as the body gets accustomed to the presence of dairy products in your diet.

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