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Body Transformation Challenges – Why Do They Work

October 28th, 2014 No comments

Everybody wants to look great and be in good shape but not everyone succeeds in making that wish come true. What is it that makes people not believe in complete transformation of their bodies? Why give up before you even start? How do you achieve your goals in a short period of time?

Stop feeling sorry for yourself when looking into the mirror. You might notice deposited fat on your stomach, thighs and buttocks, but do not despair. You can burn fat almost as easily as you get it, with a little bit of work, discipline and sacrifice.

Find a perfect training program and stick to it

You can start even today by finding a trainer, who will be your advisor, instigator and, most importantly, your companion and a friend on this journey. When you get a training program which is best for your current shape and condition level, try to follow it as conscientiously as you can. Don’t try to exhaust yourself, but do not shirk either.

Believe in your goal

Take a photo of yourself when you begin with your training and put it on your wall. Then, try to imagine how you want to look and bury in mind that picture as your final goal. After every month of your training you can take a new photo in order to compare your results. You will be proud of yourself using these photos of your progress as a trigger for constant motivation.


Start slowly and keep track of your trainings

Buy an ordinary notebook where you will be catching notes of what you’ve been eating, drinking, what exercises and how many repetitions you did that day, and what supplement you have used. A systematic approach to your workout will help you draw some conclusions. Also, you will be able to plan your following exercises and meals and become really responsible and careful with your diet.

Make friends with people who support you

You will change your habits by changing your lifestyle. This means that you may consider changing your environment. True friends will always support your efforts to change. Ignore those who would make fun of your desire to change something in your life. Such people are not worthy of your attention, and it is better if you avoid them. You will make new friends, people who are optimistic, who might have been in a similar situation like you, and who will share with you their results.

Raise your expectations

You’ll be more and more confident as you achieve goals which you have put in front of you. Never stop. Always look for a new challenge. Raise your expectations with each good result and you will see that everything is possible. Maybe you didn’t lose a lot of weight, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you didn’t burned fat, which is much more important.

Healthy mind in a healthy body

Remember that a healthy diet and a good training program will affect you to think clearer, and become positive and enthusiastic, a person who your family and friends will love more than ever.

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What’s Your Fitness Calling?

June 24th, 2014 No comments

Fitness of any kind is a great discipline for your body.

Stay fit in a way you enjoy

Whatever you do, whether it’s running, working out, martial arts, etc., regularly disciplining yourself to get out and get active is richly rewarding. Choosing a fitness discipline can be a key aspect of making fitness work for you and setting yourself up for long term commitment and success. Obviously, picking a sport you love to regularly participate in is a great way of committing yourself.

Think about all the things you really love to do then find how to make that what I will call your “fitness calling.” Personally, for example, I love nature, and walking with my wife and my dog through the woods and pathways near my home in Kitchener, Ontario is one way that I keep active and stay healthy.

When I’ve tried to just do what everyone else was doing – i.e. jogging – I could never get over the fact that I hated it, that I didn’t seem built right for it and there was absolutely no joy in it for me. Of course, I go to the gym, which is a bit boring I guess, but I push myself every time I go to the gym and I love the exercise bike and visualising in my mind riding down back country roads or biking through woods. Some might argue with me, but I think you need to pick a fitness discipline that you’re truly passionate about. That’s one way of thinking of the phrase a “fitness calling.”

Follow_Your_Bliss_Quote-300x277Make money following  your fitness calling

Aside from choosing a fitness discipline, you can also channel your passion into a career. Within the fitness industry, there are thousands of career tracks you could take. Personally, I believe in the old idea of “calling” or vocation, something that you feel personally compelled to do and be. I know that my own personal calling is to write and publish and my role as publisher of this site is a perfect fit with that.

Other people obviously feel compelled to be a personal trainer, perhaps following a calling related to teaching or helping others. Other examples of people I see following their calling are people in physiotherapy or people who teach or coach. Not all are so traditional, though.

It’s great to love fitness but what is your calling in the world of fitness?

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Five (+ One) Ways to Stay Motivated

April 23rd, 2014 No comments

Everyone has their own tricks to stay motivated to keep active, get fit, keep going to the gym, keep running, whatever it is you do to work out. Setting goals and keeping your goals in front of you is a big key, of course. But there are times when you just need something else, some other mental trick to get up off the couch, get in your car and get down to the gym.

I have my own special trick I’ll tack onto the end of this. Let’s take a look at some other great tips from around the web, though.

Stay Hungry 1976 DVD

Strangely incongruous movie poster

Mix Fun with Fitness

“Make it Fun,” says the Mayo Clinic. Great advice: “If you're not enjoying your workouts, try something different. Join a volleyball or softball league.” Something I think about switching over to: “Find sports or activities that you enjoy, then vary the routine to keep you on your toes.”

Try different things until you find something you really love doing that keeps you active.

Find a Fitness Community

“Reach out to others for support, “ says (Well, that’s what is all about, actually.) They note that in America, some tend to have trouble asking for help, but encouragement from others can be a critical aspect of staying motivated for some people. Create or find your own support group. We’re trying to create one online here that can be part of your network or all you need, to share with others.

Be a cheapskate, make sure you’re getting your money’s worth

The Washingtonian did a post about the difficulties of staying motivated in a cold climate. One of their best points was that once you’ve invested in a gym membership or workout equipment you’d be a fool to throw that money away and not get your money’s worth. I know that the local chain of gyms might get a bad rap for making people commit to one year but I like that as a great motivator.  Think like a cheapskate! Get your money’s worth out of the money you’ve sunk into staying fit. Stay away from the gym and you lose doubly – your waistline grows and wasting money.

Keep a Fitness Card or Log

This is a commitment.  This is another way you can use our site. Keeping an online log is a great way to stay motivated but even if you just keep one for yourself you’ve got that extra motivation to not miss a workout and to push yourself higher.

Put Yourself Out There

Anything you can do to draw attention to the fact that you work out puts it always in the back of your mind and it can become part of your identity.  If you sit at the front in your cycle class, there’s no slacking off for you.  Force yourself to be your best.

If you lose weight and tell people that you’re working out they’ll ask you about it next time they see you. “Still working out?” What are you going to say to that?

Blog about it, tweet about it, make sure you let others know that that’s who you are. You might even motivate others.

There are other ways to stay motivated. Let me know what you think in the comments.

My Secret: Lie to Yourself

There is at least one workout a week that I do not want to get in the car for. “I have work to do…. There’s a game on...” we all know excuses that boil down to “I just don’t feel like it.” My secret? I tell myself a lie: “This time I’ll take it easy.” Okay, I reply. Once I get in the car and head to the gym there’s no turning back of course. Sometimes I even follow through so next time when I tell myself this lie, I will believe myself. Of course, often I end up giving myself a good workout and sometimes I get into it and push myself more than I ever have.

Try it next time you really should go to the gym but you just don’t feel motivated. “I’ll go but I’ll take it easy.” It works every time for me.

The 2014 Revamp and Revival

March 15th, 2014 No comments was started in 2007 – over six years ago! – with the intention of creating an online community of people interested in fitness.

The first focus, however, was on creating original content.  In those days I was an “SEO expert” (not a label I liked much, mind you) and I knew – always believe – that content was king. I worked with a writer and fitness fanatic, Crystal Stewart, who also had a lot of ideas for features. We added things like the workout and exercise uploader that allowed people to upload and create workouts.

Our Initial Failure

The biggest challenge, though – as it is for so many people in web publishing – was coming up with a proper revenue model; the one that we intended to go with – advertising arbitrage - was doomed from the start. The real issue was that I was investing money and I needed to make a lot back and that was not happening. I had no way to do that as fast as I wanted to.

So the site was failing soon after launch. It continued to fail while other things I was working on were more successful, including a much-needed full-time job, other affiliate plays and successful consulting practice on the side. To be fair, I was busy.

All of life's failures amount in one way or another to variations on one theme – stop showing up. I lost interest in It grew in traffic for some time as you can see by the traffic report below. But like a poorly-considered New Years’ resolution, the site fell by the wayside.


...Time passed...

I worked for four years for a company about an hour’s commute from my home. SEO clients came and went… then more went. Pandas and Penguins and other updates came and whacked my sites. (I can see Pandas being alright at the old whack-a-mole but a Penguin? It was malicious.)

Spammers came. The out-of-the-box community software from Dolphin and Boonex had poor controls over user content. I wasn’t paying enough attention. My bad, for sure, but a site that had grown to a PR4 fell all the way down to PR1.

I took a job closer to home. I sold my other site begun around the same time as My life got simpler. I started working out again….

... More time passed...

Then one day, Alex Fortey mentioned to me how he thought Fit With Us was a great idea. Fit With Us is a great idea, I remembered. As it had been many years before. I started thinking… and the revamp was underway.

Here we are, here’s the revamp:

Fit With Us is going to grow into the largest fitness community online. That’s the goal. It’s not the only goal, but...

Now I’m taking the lead role. Before, I left it up to someone else to be the editorial lead on the site. This time, I’m totally involved in the site. That doesn’t mean it’s going to be about me at all, though. It’s about community, a collection of people who want to work together to encourage each other, share triumphs and failures so we learn, grow and get fit together. And hopefully fit together, too!

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Six (+ One) Reasons Bruce Lee > Chuck Norris

March 4th, 2014 No comments

A lot of the internets seems to love Chuck Norris. Everybody's got their opinion, but Chuck has never done much to boost my interest in karate. For my money, there's one great martial arts star in cinema, Bruce Lee, the original. Even Chuck Norris would have to admit that he is nothing without Bruce Lee.

Here are five reasons why Bruce Lee is great. I personally go in for philosophy. If you don't have a philosophy behind what you do, you're missing a foundation. Anyway, Bruce speaks for himself.

On the desire for an easy life


On failing to reach lofty goals



On listening to other people's opinion of you



On internal power, both figural and literal



On a true understanding of defeat

So what did Chuck Norris ever say? From anything I've ever heard.... not much.

Bruce Lee >>> Chuck Norris
Oh, and the one last reason Bruce Lee is greater than Chuck Norris is pretty obvious to most fans. The only time Bruce Lee ever fought Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee killed Chuck Norris.  Watch it for yourself.

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